Monday, April 13, 2009

Chordille Keep - Main Keep Entrance

Continuing on with the description of the keep.
2. Main keep entrance.
Overview: The old path leads up to the main keep entrance. Once this was a grand entry way, but now it lies in ruins. The main entranceway shows considerable amounts of fire damage, and the main doors are just charred remnants, hanging loosely in what remains of the hinges. As one creeps closer, one can see murder holes in the ceiling above.

A. Lower guard Chamber. This chamber has pieces of debris lying all about, but is otherwise empty except for the trap. The trap is cleverly hidden in the wood and rubble that lies throughout the room. On subsequent revisits, the trap will be reset by the Bestial Host.
Trap. The Bestial Host has rigged a primitive trap here with a trip wire that dislodges a large stone that falls down on the characters, ), and also rings a bell that is located outside the entry way. Treat the trap as a 2 HD monster (BAB +2) with a damage of 1d6 (DC 18/CR5 to find, and DC12/CR0 to disarm). Once the trap has sprung, and the bell has rung, roll once on the wandering monster chart as the characters leave this area.

B. Upper Guard Chamber. The upper level was once a guard chamber, but now is filled with debris. Enterprising characters can climb up into the guard chamber from the lower level. There are no stairs in this area, as the normal way to access the upper area was through the wall walkways from the main defense turrets. The chamber is otherwise empty. On revisits the chamber will still be empty, as there is too much rubble to effectively station guards.

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