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Chordille Keep - Blacksmith and Stable Areas

Chordille Keep - Blacksmith and Stable Areas
On the western side of the ruins, there is a series of three building that once supported the keep’s stables.

6. Ruined blacksmith shop
The first building in this section is the ruined blacksmith shop. The door is torn of the hinges, and the shop itself shows signs of significant fire damage. The building is still recognizable as a blacksmith shop, but just barely. Other than damaged tools and wrecked forge, there is nothing else of value here.

7. Storage area.
The middle building was once a storage area which serviced both the stables and the blacksmith shop. Surprisingly enough, this section has survived and is in good shape. The crates and barrels are broken, but the area itself is in good shape. There are a number of dry goods here, which is clearly attracting vermin. A medium sized centipede is currently crawling through the barrels, and will attack if disturbed.
Medium Centipede. AC 14, HD1, HP4, #Att 1, Dam 1d4+ poison

If the characters defeat the centipede, another vermin type will move in to feed upon the dry stores that are still present in this room.

8. Stables.
This was once the stables, and is now being used as kennels for the Bestial Host. As long as the Bestial Host is present in the surface level of the keep, there will be wardogs present here. Use normal wolf stats to represent the wardogs.
1d6 Wardogs (wolves). AC 13, HD 2, HP4, #Att 1, Bite - Dam 1d8, SA trip attack

Once the Bestial Host is defeated, a giant spider will move in and make its lair here.

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