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Chordille Keep - Main Defense Towers

Chordille Keep - Main Defense Towers (areas 3 & 4)
The Defense Turrets
Originally the keep had four main defense turrets, however now only the two northern ones still stand. The southern two towers are now a mountain of rubble, and serve as a grim reminder of the tragedy that has befallen the keep. The two towers that still stand are very similar in construction. Each has four levels including the roof and ground levels. The first level was a general storage area, the second was the main barracks, and the third level served as a common area, as well as the command post for the turret’s defense. The roof was a look out area, and the remains of several ballista still exist on there. The levels are connected by a series of ladder ways.

3. Western defense turret.
A. Ground level. This level is damp and has a moldy smell to it. There are a number of old empty barrels and crates scattered about. On one of the barrels there is a patch of green mold, but it is harmless.
B. Second level. This room is covered with webs and a number of husks of dead beetles and rats can be seen throughout the room. As soon as the webs are disturbed, the spider comes out to attack.
1 Medium spider. AC 15, HD3, HP15, Dam 1d6 (bite + poison)
Treasure: 1d12 gold
C. Third level. The undead guards of the tower still haunt this area, and they will attack any that enter this area.
4 skeletons. AC 13, HD1, HP6, Dam 1d6 (short swords)
Treasure: 1d6 gold
D. Roof. The roof provides a commanding view of the keep ruins, and there are the remains of three ballista along with several dead humaniod bodies. This area has attracted the attention of two gargoyles that have made their lair here. There is a 25% chance that the gargolyes are out on patrol.
2 gargoyles. AC 16, HD5, HP25, #Att 4, Dam: claw (x2) 1d3, bite 1d6, gore 1d4.
4. Eastern defense turret.
This tower serves as a base of operation for the Bestial Host, with a number of goblinoids taking up residence here. The Bestial Host avoids the Western Tower as the spider that lurks there is rather well known . This series of encounters will probably turn into a rolling combat as once the tower is alerted, the bugbear captain will give the order for a mass attack.
A. Ground level. Several goblins have made their home amongst the barrels and crates. They will hide until presented a good opportunity to attack. If their situation turns bleak, they will either run out the door or run up to the second level.
4 goblins. AC 15, HD1, HP3, Dam 1d6 (short sword)
Treasure: 1d4 silver pieces on each goblin

B. Second level. This is home to a “team” of five hobgoblins. They are currently engaged in a game of dice, unless they one of the goblins from below comes up to give warning.
5 hobgoblins. AC 15, HD1, HP6, Dam 1d8 (long sword)
Treasure: 2d10 gold

C. Third level. This is where the bugbear captain can usually be found. If he hears combat coming from the floor below, he will go investigate.
1 Bugbear. AC 17, HD3, HP15, Dam 1d10 (master worked bastard sword)
4 goblins. AC 15, HD1, HP3, Dam 1d6 (short sword)
Treasure: There is a small chest in the corner, which the bugbear keeps a potion of cure light wounds along with 1d8 gold. The chest is locked, and the key can be found on the bugbear.

D. Roof. On the roof are the tower lookouts. For the most part the two goblins try to remain out of sight, and do not engage in the combat below. If encountered on the roof, they will attempt to flee by climbing down the tower. As they have done this a number of times, they know exactly how to do this quickly, and it should be considered as normal movement.
2 goblins. AC 15, HD1, HP3, Dam 1d6 (short sword) or 1d6 (light crossbow)
Treasure: 1d4 silver pieces on each goblin

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