Friday, May 8, 2009

Dragon Age

Well I am a bit behind on my reading, and of course I will blame work. This week was a short one, and next week I am hosting a conference all week, which will chew up a significant portion of my time. Bummer!

I am hoping to post 1 or 2 Hobbit summaries this weekend, and next week will be light on the postings.

In other news, Green Ronin will be making a pen and paper RPG of Bioware’s Dragon Age. I am not a huge computer gaming person. Job and family responsibilities chew up most of my time. When I was younger, I did play a lot more. The Ultima series was one of my favorites, and I hope to post a blog about that soon. Bioware has put out a number of games, of which Neverwinter Nights was one of my favorites. I have played Neverwinter Hordes of the Underdark quite a bit a number of years ago. I have Neverwinter 2, but I really have not played it that much. I will probably buy Dragon Age, but I am not sure how much I will really get a chance to play. I was a bit curious when it was announced that Green Ronin would put out a pen and paper version that will go on sale in the fall. I am hoping that this is at Gencon, as I would look forward to talk with Chris and his team about it. I am not sure that I will buy it, but I do want to flip through it.

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