Saturday, December 20, 2008

Misc stuff

As some of my readers might know, I just arrived back to the States from China on Thursday evening, which is why my blogs have been a bit slow these past couple of days. I will be in the US for the holidays, and then back to China for another 6 months, when I return back to the US for good. My LiveJournal blog has a number of entries on the craziness that is in China.

Last night I had a chance to catch up with my old gaming group. They are using the Pathfinder Beta rules to play through the Rise of the Runelords AP. They have finished off the first module and are just starting the second module. Since not everyone could make it to yesterday's session, it turned into a small party, complete with the obligatory white elephant gift exchange. After that we played two rounds of Fluxx which is a fun little card game. The first round was with the Monty Python deck, and the second was with the zombie deck. I found the Monty Python deck to be outrageously funny. By the time I hit the rack, it was about 2am, and my daughter was up at 5am ready to go. Kids with jet lag can be a bit brutal.

For this weekend, I will continue my with my weekend reviews on the Slave Lord series and post A3 today. Tomorrow, I will return to the Paladin blog, which I hope to finish this week.
As a final note, I am going back through my blog and updating the labels and the links in order to provide a bit more organization to my blog.

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